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Carpet Backing Choices

Few people give much thought to the backing of their carpet.

After all, once it is down you don’t see it, walk on it or clean it and yet it is very important its strength and construction holds the carpet together and provided the foundation on which your carpet is made.

In Axminster and Wilton carpets, the backing is woven in at the same time as the pile, forming an integral part of the carpet. In tufted carpets there is a primary backing into which the yarn is tufted.

An adhesive coating, usually latex, is then applied which bonds the tufts to the primary backing, holding them firmly in place.
An additional backing is then applied to give extra strength and stability.

The additional backing on a tufted carpet may be one of two types. Carpets with a secondary backing require a separate underlay and are fitted in the sane way as woven carpet.

Many tufted carpet have a built-in underlay or felt back to prevent adhesion to the floor.