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How To Choose Carpet


Choosing the colour or the pattern of a carpet is a very subjective exercise.
It depends on the personal taste of the customer and the existing style of the customer’s home.
It can be traditional, modern, or any combination of the two.

The floor is normally a large area and it is important to remember that a carpet will dominate the room.
The carpet cannot be easily changed as the colour of the walls.
As a general rule a plain coloured carpet forms a quieter background to the décor, particularly if it is similar shade to the furnishings.
Alternately, a colour which contrasts to the carpet can be very effective.

Plain carpet offers a great deal of scope, allowing the use of more adventurous patterns in soft furnishings and wall coverings.
Choosing a patterned carpet requires more care. Too many patterns in a room can look fussy and confused.
The larger the pattern, the more it will dominate, whereas a small patterned carpet can have the affect of almost looking plain if the area is reasonable size.
In general it is worth bearing in mind that the larger design; the larger the room must be in order to achieve the desired effect.

There is no definite relationship between room and pattern size. The best known of this type of effect is that of striped material which exaggerates length in the direction of the stripes.
A long narrow room can be widened by laying striped carpet across the width of the room.
In rooms where there is little furniture, a boldly patterned carpet can look stunning and become the focal point of the room.
A small room can be made to look more spacious with a lighter shade of carpet.

A large room can look cosier by using a warmer colour.
North facing rooms that get little or no sunlight can be warmed up by using reddish tones.
Bright sunlit rooms can be cooler with blue/green tones.